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Сервер запущен в тестовом режиме. Характеристики будут позже.
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По многочисленным просьбам с 21.11.15 на сервере ARKNET#1 была добавлена поддержка кириллицы для активации русского чата.
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While greater in size than most large predators, the Giganotosaurus is sometimes less dangerous when encountered in the wild, due to its sluggish speed. Even still, getting trapped or chased down by a Giganotosaurus often means certain death for nearly any creature.

Taming a Giganotosaurus is a dangerous prospect. Its rage reaction, even when tamed, can sometimes cause it to briefly turn on members of its own tribe. Indeed it may even throw off its rider if it has been sufficiently angered! And yet, the sheer size and immense power that the Giganotosaurus possesses means that some factions endeavor to tame it as a fear-inducing «capital» beast of war — even at great risk!

Fighting a Giganotosaurus directly is always a bad idea, as its rage rapidly grows with every hit it takes. With this rage, it builds increasing reserves of energy to use, making its iron-jawed bites progressively more deadly and enhancing its stamina.

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Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favorite skittish diving companion, the Diplocaulus!

Survival of the Fittest: Warpaint & Character Appearance Saving!

This Saturday we’ll be adding Warpaint to Survival of the Fittest with unlimited painting colours! This means you’ll be able to don your survivors, items and dinosaurs with your fearsome designs as you charge into battle to kill your opponents! Hoping to see some epic tribe-crests on the victors of the games :)

And something else that we’re also working on is the ability to save your characters and creatures appearances! This means that you’ll be able to spend some time customizing how you would like your characters and creatures to look, and in the future when you decide to play another round of SoTF, you’ll be able to load up that appearance right away!

Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand Preliminaries

We’ve got our preliminaries opening again tomorrow from 12PM EST to 9PM EST! Keep your eye out for the servers when they launch and you can stay up to date on all the latest information in our Survival of the Fittest Mega Thread and don’t forget to tune in on our twitch channel, SurvivetheARK!

Good luck Survivors!

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Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favorite dangerous deep-ocean jellyfish, the Cnidaria!

ARK Digest

Welcome to the seventeenth issue of the ARK Digest! For those who missed the previous issues, check out the Announcement forum section on the Steam Community Hub and be sure to catch up with what you’ve missed as there is tons for you to catch up on!

Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) Enabled!

Great news Survivors! Steam have got back to us and worked their magic on their backend to allow us to now enable VAC for ARK: Survival Evolved! As you can see on our storefront page, it’s turned on which means in due time all cheats, including ESP, will result in automatic VAC bans!

Starting from tomorrow, VAC on clients will be required to play on our Official Servers. What this means is that if you prevent VAC from functioning, you’ll not be able to connect any longer. We’ll also be enabling this setting by default for Unofficial Servers, however if they would like to run it without VAC, they will need to include the following commandline when they launch their servers:


This is not recommended of course as we encourage all server hosts and admins to make use of the VAC system and enable it for their servers! Wildcard will continue its fight against cheaters with proactive GM administration, alongside the VAC system, so keep on making use of our reports system!

Alienware Modding Contest

Hope you guys haven’t forgotten about the epic modding contest we’ve got going with Alienware! We encourage any and all survivors interested in modding and currently working on their own version of the ARK to submit their mods to the contest! We’ve got loads of prizes up for grabs and are super excited to see your envisions of ARK come to life!

We’ve also recently extended the original deadline, so check out this thread for all the extra details!

Community Crunch Contests

Be sure to check out our two-weekly running contests! ARKitect and ARKArt where we check out the best bases and the best pieces of art in the game! If you’d like to submit your base or something you’ve created in the game, you can check out the entries thread here which will fill you in on all the rules too!

Community Crunch Contest Submissions

Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand

Just a reminder Survivors that we’re still running our Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand open preliminary qualifications! We’ve got a mega-thread on the progression of the tournament, including updates, rules, server-status and patch notes that will be regularly updated when things happen that need to be brought to your attention. This weekend we’ll post the Official Results from the matches thus far, for all to see and gawk at! Don’t worry, if you’re following us on other forms of Social Media you’ll be made aware of the changes too — but this is the best place for it, so definitely keep your eye on it!

Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand

Patch 217

So we’ve had some pretty massive patches lately, but it doesn’t stop there! We’ve still got loads more to do and much more to add into the game :)! Patch 217 will add quite a few things to the core-game, as well as include some qualify of life, security and optimization changes!

Trophy System

We’re super stoked to announce that we’ve finally ready to push out our Trophy System which will include the new Survival of the Fittest trophies! So if you’ve won a Survival of the Fittest Championship, you’ll be able to show off your awesome new trophies engraved with your personal handles to the whole ARK universe. And of course, The Last Stand Tournament will have its own massive awesome Trophy set — the victors’ rewards aren’t only cash prizes! :)

Antler-less female Megaloceros

We’ve heard your requests and we did have these planned! These should hopefully be ready to go out with the 217 patch. The Doe, unlike its male counterpart, will not be able to attack however it will run at a quicker pace! We want to introduce other alterations to the game when it comes to gender diversity with creatures of the ARK. We already have the frill and frill-less Boas and now we’ve got the Megaloceros.

As we progress further into EA, we’ll be sure to have more cool alterations like this!

Primitive Club

The cries for melee weapons have not gone unnoticed! We’ve got the primitive club ready which is the first of a few melee weapons and defenses in the game! These are great for bopping people on the head and taking them out! Really brings that caveman feeling to the game.

You can check out the rest of the notes here

SurviveTheArk on Twitch

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve got a twitch channel! You can check it out here and now that we’re more comfortably set up in our new Offices we’ll be able to do much more community-interaction with the stream!

Some of the things you can expect to watch are;

Community Hosted Survival of the Fittest Tournaments
Developer Q+As
Daily Mod Showcase!

ARK Digest Q&A and Full Digest

And now for the Q+A and complete Digest!

ARK: Survival Evolved Steam Сообщество

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Explore the Swamp and Snow Regions Now Open on the Island, with New Creatures; the Beelzebufo, Dire Wolf and Megaloceros, New Items, New Weather and much more!

— Just a little note — we're still preparing and aiming to deploy the patch (late) tonight Eastern! Most likely will be around the early A.M ;)

Swamp and Snow Biome!

The world of ARK: Survival Evolved is ever evolving and today we’re excited to announce that the island has expanded with two new massive biomes opening up — the “Swamp” and the “Snow” regions. These areas include new creatures and items appropriate for each climate, existing creatures have been moved to their new area-specific homes. Survivors who have not yet experienced ARK can now get it on the Humble Store[www.humblebundle.com] for the best limited-time sale price to date!

Survivors will encounter the “Swamp”, a fetid, hazy, waterlogged expanse filled with prehistoric snakes, gators, bugs, piranhas, and the all-new “Beelzebufo” gigantic frog, which players can ride to vault over obstacles with huge leaps. Poisonous plants abound in the Swamp, but trudging through the muck is worthwhile due to the unique plant life that can be harvested for advance recipes!

Courageous Survivors can then head to the “Snow” region, where they will need to quickly don bulky fur armor to insulate themselves from the dangerous subzero temperatures. But the cold weather is not the only thing that Survivors will need to watch out for in this snowy-landscape, vicious “Dire Wolves” roam over these lands, looking for their next prey! Although when tamed a Dire Wolf can serve as a powerful, incredibly fast friend, useful for hunting down the elegant Megaloceros “Stags” that also call this biome home. High quality resources are plentiful among the harsh natural beauty of the frozen wastes.

New Furniture items to decorate homes and bases in these new biomes are now available. Intrepid Survivors should rush to lay claim to these expanded territories before competition tribes do, though be warned as the climates can be quite harsh!

Good luck on your adventures survivors!

Just a little note — we're still preparing and aiming to deploy the patch (late) tonight Eastern! Most likely will be around the early A.M ;)

All the best,

The ARK Survival Evolved Team

ARK: Survival Evolved Steam Сообщество

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Обновлен игровой сервер [RU]arknet.playstorage.ru[FREE][MODX4]
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